Question regarding software installation, best practices

I have read the wiki about installing from PPAs and such, but what is the best practice in the following situations:

NextCloud Client (for example), has a pre-built binary to download, a PPA, and a github repo, and an AppImage.

Should I download binary, check signatures (if available), and manually update/upgrade?

Should I add the PPA repo, and update with dist-upgrade? (while having to trust that repo maintainer)

Should I check the sig on the AppImage and run that? (Not sure if there is an update mechanism here, but might cause system bloat if AppImage contains packages that I would normally need installed for other apps anyway. Leading to multiple instances)

Or should I build from git hub, and try to remember to ‘git pull’ as often as possible?

And, for when github is the only feasible option, what is the recommended place to build the binaries? I have been issuing ‘sudo git clone’ from /opt, but this often leads to permission problems because I am building as root, and then running as user. Often the binary will run, but will crash unexpectedly when a permission issue arises.

For instance, electrum bitcoin wallet (ver 3.1 on GitHub) crashes uneexpectedly when run as user, but has no problem as root.

Should I be building in ~/ ?

What is the standard practice for git cloning?