Question about Whonix in QEMU-KVM on 24.04

Hello, I previously used Whonix inside KVM on the previous LTS version of Ubuntu Jammy (22.04 if memory serves). Well, I actually had a situation arise where I couldn’t upgrade in a conventional manner. Instead I backed up all my data and just reinstalled the OS to the newer version 24.04. I’ve noticed however following the installation instructions on the Whonix website doesn’t exactly work for Noble. There’s some packages the repository can’t locate. I don’t pretend to know what the problem is as there’s no instructions on how to proceed if this problem arises. My best guess is certain release files for Noble hasn’t been created yet (ran into this problem with another application). However, I do notice I already have qemu-kvm and virtual machine manager downloaded. I guess it comes pre-installed on 24.04?? Would it be okay just to start following the Whonix installation instructions half-way down, instead of worrying about all that KVM-QEMU stuff?

Unless someone can reproduce this requires more details on what exactly is missing.

I’m sorry, is there a way to “close” this inquiry because I pretty much figured it out already. I feel quite dumb now to be honest, because pretty much everything was already installed and all I had to do was pick up at the Whonix images and download, verify, and import.

It was essentially easier than installing it for 22.04, lol.

No need to worry about it I think.