Question about using VPN and Whonix

I want to clarify something. If i have vpn client on my Windows machine and i start first the vpn client and then start Whonix gateway and workstation, my ISP will see that i am connecting to vpn server but will not see that i am connecting to tor, only the vpn server administrator will see that i am connecting to tor. Is that correct?

Hi Simon707

It depends on a few things.

  1. If your software configuration does not block non-VPN traffic, and your VPN suddenly disconnects your Tor traffic could go through your ISP.
  2. Using a VPN is not a silver bullet to prevent your ISP from being able to see that you are connected to Tor. ISP could use Deep Packet Inspection ( DPI )

If you are planning on using a VPN the Whonix documentation on tunnels is a must read. It contains the information I just mentioned.

I have question about setting up Whonix through ssh tunnel. I guess it is similar to setting up ssh tunnel for Firefox which i have done before but i am not sure about some steps doing this for whonix. I can create ssh tunnel on my host machine using ssh client for Windows like putty running command like this: ssh -D 1080 your.ssh.server. Now if i understand correctly i have to setup whonix gateway to use the port 1080, but i am not sure how to do this.
Also, if the internet connection get interrupted and the ssh tunnel break down will my ISP see that i am using tor? I mean if the shh tunnel doesn’t exist will whonix be able to connect to internet? At least with Firefox if the ssh tunnel is not active Firefox is not able to connect to internet.



If i understand correctly i have to enter this line ‘Socks5Proxy’ in the file /etc/tor/torrc. Then i have to run the command ‘ssh -D 1080 your.ssh.server’ on my Windows machine and when i start whonix gateway it will connect to tor through the ssh tunnel. Is that correct?

Hi Simon707

The Connecting to SSH before Tor documentation is incomplete. You may be able to get a little more insight from this thread.

Further information may also be found by searching the whonix forums ( search bar upper right hand corner of screen) and you may also be able to find help on the Tor Stack Exchange .


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