Вопрос о Qubes-whonix - whonix session

Hello everyone, I asked myself a question, I used to log into my telegram account, through virtualbox whonix, and my session was defined as - virtualbox linux XFCE X11. Now I’m sitting with qubes-whonix - anon whonix and my session is defined as Xen linux qubes x11, it turns out I’m sitting with whonix but it is not defined in the telegram session. although the cube virtual machine is completely whonix. tell me this is how it should be, or maybe the qubes-whonix setting is not correct since it is not detected?

You want your telegram to detect that you are running whonix instead of qubes?

If so, Nothing to solve from whonix side (thats even better to not say you are running inside whonix), Never the less this report on telegram side.

It is true, Telegram sees it’s in the Xen, even for Qubes StandaloneVM.

It accumulates and analyse on the server all info about your online presence time, your devices, and everything else.

It’s not a nice story, of course.

Thanks for the answer. Yes, I’m surprised that I’m sitting through whonix and showing qubes. Thought maybe I didn’t set it up right. If that’s the way it should be, then good!

Unfortunately there are no virtualizers that have features to reliably hide such information as it’s not really part of their threat model.


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