Qubes-Whonix does not boot after upgrade from Qubes-Whonix 13 to Qubes-Whonix 14

I have followed the Upgrade 13 to 14 guide, but the new templates don’t work… VMs based on whonix-ws-14 and whonix-gw-14 don’t seem to start. In Qube Manager they have a yellow light state. I don’t even know how to start debugging this.
Would it make sense to try the other method? Removing the old templates completely and then installing Whonix 14 again?

Reinstall is possible, see:

After reinstall whonix-gw-14 VMs, such as sys-whonix, work as expected, but whonix-ws-14 VMs, anon-whonix, have the same behavior, they don’t boot.


in dom0 terminal.

sudo xl console sys-whonix

Login as user user. Post output of:

sudo systemctl list-units --failed 

And then report here: