anyone else have to change whonix.jinja to qubes-templates-community-testing ? regualar community templates wont work for the salt even with [qubes-templates-community] enabled in yum for qubes-templates.repo on Qubes 4.1. Its prob just me but thought i would see if anyone else has the same issue. qvm-template-gui shows only testing repos available

qubes-templates-community repo is broken right now
running “qvm-template --enablerepo=qubes-templates-community list” will show “qubes-templates-itl” in which qubes-whonix-gw-16 or qubes-whonix-ws-16 is not located. Which means “qubesctl state.sls qvm.anon-whonix” is broken due to “/srv/formulas/base/virtual-machines-formula/qvm/whonix.jinja” including “qubes-templates-community” You can change the contents of whonix.jinja file to “qubes-templates-community-testing” which is the same image size if you need to run a new install or want to get whonix working at this time.

Qubes bug.

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This issue has been resolved! No need to use the testing repos in whonix.jinja at this time.
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