Qubes News: Qubes 3.0-rc1 ISO and roadmap for 2015

Qubes News: Qubes 3.0-rc1 ISO and roadmap for 2015


Joanna (Qubes founder) has posted a new announcement of the new Qubes 3.0-rc1 and additional items.

Link to the announcement is here:


Whonix Notice: Our Whonix templates are currently not in the Qubes 3.0 binary repository, so you will not yet be able to use our Binary Install Guide in Qubes 3.0-rc1. This should be updated soon in the near-term future and then you will be able to easily install Whonix in Qubes 3.0.


  • Qubes 3.0-rc1 is now released → Redirecting…

  • New hypervisor abstraction layer (HAL) architecture → Introducing Qubes Odyssey Framework | The Invisible Things

  • Upgraded hypervisor to Xen 4.4 from 4.1

  • Upgraded main VM template to Fedora 21 from 20

  • Official ITL supported Debian 8 Jessie and Debian 7 Wheezy binary VM templates → Redirecting…

  • Even more VM templates available via QubesBuilder → Redirecting…

  • New qrexec2 framework → Redirecting…

  • Progress on defensive development to guard from development-related exploits

  • Hat tip to our own Patrick Schleizer’s implementation of verifiable builds

  • Qubes devs are looking for Tor-based QubesBuilder code contribution

  • Plans for 2015, including Qubes 3.X and Qubes 4.X

  • New Qubes roadmap diagram → Whonix Forum

  • Newly designed and decentralized Git-backed Qubes website → https://www.qubes-os.org

  • Transition of Joanna (Qubes founder) to new project while remaining head of Qubes planning, and Marek continues as lead developer and signs new Qubes releases

  • and more!