Qubes HVM Create and Custom Configuration

when i use this command: qvm-create whonix-gateway --hvm --standalone --label=purple --root-move-from=/home/user/Whonix-Gateway.img
it says: File specified as root.img does not exists

please help

That means your raw VM images are missing from the dom0 specified directory “/home/user”.

You need to first follow with precision the previous steps #1 through #7.

Provide Whonix Raw Images to Qubes dom0:

Step #7 is the one that puts the necessary raw image files into dom0 where they need to be.

  1. Transfer raw Images from whonix-images to dom0:

For Whonix-Gateway:
In dom0: Terminal:

qvm-run --pass-io whonix-images 'tar -cvSf - Whonix-Gateway.img' > ~/Whonix-Gateway.img.tar && tar -xvSf ~/Whonix-Gateway.img.tar

For Whonix-Workstation:
In dom0: Terminal:

qvm-run --pass-io whonix-images 'tar -cvSf - Whonix-Workstation.img' > ~/Whonix-Workstation.img.tar && tar -xvSf ~/Whonix-Workstation.img.tar

@olbaolba: please post your question only in 1 place. Not 3.

Resolved! thanks, you helped me

You’re welcome. Enjoy Qubes + Whonix!

And be on the lookout for our new and quite improved Qubes + Whonix platform coming soon. :smiley:

we are waitting for, thanks

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