Qubes DispVM technical discussion


In short: in Qubes-Whonix 14 after upgrades new AppVMs and DispVMs are created with a copy of the latest version of Tor Browser after tb-updater in whonix-ws TemplateVM was upgraded.

tb-updater and /usr/bin/torbrowser will refuse to start in Qubes DVM Template. (Advanced users could overwrite the function easily using a config snippet but I doubt there is a use case.)







Major update of documentation for DispVMs for Qubes R4 with Qubes-Whonix 14.

Has still quite some TODOs. Help welcome.

Bold changes. Lots of purges. If anything got missing in action it can be recovered from https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Deprecated#Qubes_DisposableVM or from wiki history.

Long Wiki Edits Thread