Qubes 4.0 creating new workstation

One used 3.2 for the longest time, one notices after upgrading today to 4.0 when creating a new workstation there is two new options.

As always one selected

template = whonix-ws
Networking = sys-whonix

New options are

Advanced, provides network with a check box and launch settings after creation also with a check box.

Does one just leave these unchecked?

Hi MrCBCree

You’re referring to creating whonix-ws with Qubes manager.

Short answer,

  • “provides network” is not set for anon-whonix (workstation AppVM)
  • “launch settings after creation” can be set only if you want.

Detailed answer

“Provides network” is only for Qubes that will be providing networking for other VMs. For example, this setting would be checked for a VM such as sys-whonix since it provides networking (aka NetVM) for anon-whonix VM. This should not be set for anon-whonix VMs

“Launching settings after creation” only launches the settings GUI page so users can make further changes to that VM’s settings. It can’t hurt to set this option.

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Thank you that helps me very much I can now get to creating my other workstations. :slight_smile: