Proxychains and Tor

Hi guys. I am trying to solve the problems about using proxychains and tor on whonix workstation. I have read tons of guides, no luck on that.
I am using proxychains with a socks 5 proxy tested and working. This is my proxychains.conf:

add proxy here …


defaults set to “tor”

socks4 9050

socks5 9152

socks5 9951

if i try the command:

proxychains /usr/bin/wget.anondist-orig https://check.torproject.org

everything works fine. Then in Torbutton I choose transparent proxy, then launch:

proxychains ~/tor-browser_en-US/start-tor-browser

but this doesn’t work at all.

If I try on the whonix workstation with:

proxychains iceweasel

then this works and gives me the ip of the proxy as exit but I don’t think I am using this proxy after Tor.
Any suggestion? I am getting crazy on that

Most likely the very same issue as discussed here:

Sorry, there is currently no solution to this problem. Please use the existing thread:

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