Proposal for Pretty Qubes Tracker URL

Hi Patrick and fortasse,

I’m about to publish a new major announcement post to Whonix and other communities like Tor and Qubes, and was hoping this could be implemented today so that people could get better URLs when I refer them to the project. I’d be happy to implement myself if you would need me to.

Currently the Whonix Qubes tracker URL look like this…

I’d like to implement a redirect to that above URL from this pretty URL…

Here is the rewrite rule we could use:

RedirectMatch (?i)/tracker/qubes

I’m just proposing this redirect rule for the “Qubes” tag of the Whonix Phabricator tracker.

It would not change the destination of the tracker page, or affect the tracker system.

Just allow me to use the pretty link as a redirect.

Could we get this implemented today? I’d be happy to help do it.

My aim is that I’m looking to give people the following list of pretty URLs for the Qubes + Whonix project:

Qubes + Whonix Primary Sources:

- Wiki:
- Forum:
- Blog:
- Tracker:

Also… Proposal for Pretty Blog Category URLs: Whonix Forum


Awesome. Thank you! :smiley: