Proposal: add Noisy to default software

AnarSec recently forked the project Noisy, for a use case of mitigating some correlation attacks on Tor, with an eye towards Tails and Whonix users. You can see the code and README document here:

Would the Whonix project like to take ownership of Noisy, and include it as default software in the Workstation?

If so, two paths could be pursued:

  1. A GUI is made so that users uncomfortable with a CLI can use Noisy. We could contribute this. This is the “opt-in” option.
  2. Noisy is a default process - the user benefits from it’s protection without needing to do anything. This is the “by default” option. In our view, this is preferable.

Currently when run in Whonix Workstation, the script continues to use the same Tor circuit, regardless of changes in the domain being requested. This is an issue, because only one Guard node is being used by the traffic. The behavior on Tails is preferable, where the circuit changes with each domain change, because all Guard nodes in the current set are used equally.

No. Best if it is developed independently.
(Too much to add to the existing lists: Kicksecure · GitHub / Whonix · GitHub)

And also best if discussed with the Tor community generally as well as with the anonymity research community to get wide feedback to make sure this is actually working.

Lots of things has been said about traffic analysis. Did you look into it?

Some here:

Problem is when using Multiple Whonix-Workstation ™ that this would multiply the cover traffic. Hence, better if run on Whonix-Gateway?

Resolved by running on Whonix-Gateway?