problem with whonix ( it can't start tor )


i have a problem with whonix

tor is not running … ( /var/run/tor/tor.pid does not exist )

and it failed to start anonymizing overlay network for TCP

i execute in the command line apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade and i restart tor but the issue continues …

i have a screenshot of my vm


what should i do ?

You must have made a mistake in editing /etc/tor/torrc.

Run this command to get more info.

sudo -u debian-tor tor --verify-config

See also:


https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tor#Log_Analysis will give more info.

Did you change any settings in VirtualBox regarding networking? Don’t. Undo these. And if you don’t know how to undo these, it’s probably easiest to delete the gateway and start fresh.

hi , thanks for your reply

here are the results:

i put the vm in internal networking , and i remembered that i changed the wicd configuration in my other vm with debian , therefore i restarted tor in the vm with whonix so i think that caused this problems… (?)


PS: i don’t edit nothing of torrc file …


the other screenshot

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