Problem for user->TOR->VPN part 2

Hello! Having the same problem as TS in Whonix Forum

have also done what he did

You have asked TS: “Does the VPN work with a non-socksified-by-default browser such as iceweasel?”

So if it does? what should i do?

Problem: VPN installed on workstation seems to work only in iceweasel properly.
Torbrowser shows to use Tor.

used settings to openvpn (How To Set Up OpenVPN on Ubuntu)

Will be very grateful for your answer, have read all your website, including this forum, have reinstalled both Wms, nothing helps.
Could you be so kind to give a piece of advice,pls?

Did you read this chapter Combining Tunnels with Tor which links to Tor Browser Essentials ?

Tor Button’s -> Preferences to set it to any other proxy or no proxy. Transparent Torification means, “no proxy” or in other words it means “use whatever the system provides”.
worked perfectly!
rtfm rules!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Does Transparent Torification in Tor mean, that it behaves ike any other browser, exceptsecurity limitations (like Noproxy, etc)?

The closest translation I know is “use no proxy” (but in Whonix, everything from the workstation must go through Tor one way or another anyhow). There is one related issue with it:

Thank you for your answer, Patrick!