preload to increase system performance?

sudo apt-get install preload

Reboot. (*)

Anyone wants to test?

Or any other tools useful for this purpose?

(*) May or may not be required.

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Its great for workflows involving using the same programs frequently where it will then then go ahead and preload it in memory for you to make subsequent starts faster. This will cause the RAM to be used up with programs that it predicts are frequently used and will delay the startup of rarely used programs as the pages need to be evicted to make way.

For the Whonix usecase where we have transient setups because of snapshot rollback or DisposableVMs, its presence would be of almost no use(?)

Here’s a review with preload benchmarking and system responsiveness comments. It seems good to have.

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A similar package but for speeding up boot is readahead. It runs once to profile boot and then tunes up the process to make it faster. It would be interesting to have during Whonix first boot but its no big deal.

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Not sure readahead (moved in systemd, then removed from it) is recommandable anymore.


Thanks for the update. Seems it is no longer relevant/available to Debian.

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