Portable (windows) virtualbox

I’m not sure if we could use it, but there is a “portable” build of virtualbox for windows:

There’s another version from a less reputable (but apparently experienced) source here:

This may or may not be relevant when we create a all-in-one download/installer for windows. A portable build, I suspect, may be easier to install/uninstall and may not dig so deep into the host OS.

It’s a fine idea.

Another option would be the VirtualBox core combined with PhpVirtualBox. Drawbacks: 1) we also would have to deploy a webserver which PhpVirtualBox needs to function. 2) Running in a browser looks weird. Perhaps somehow it can be made look standalone? ; Advantage: hacking PhpVirtualBox (disabling dangerous buttons) should be easier.

Or we can control VirtualBox through the command line interface only. A (compiled) windows batch file or linux shell script could be sufficient to start the gateway and the workstation, thus hiding most Virtualbox controls.

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