Port forward whonix and use dns?

You need an off-the-shelf (download and installable) server software that reacts in ways you want or to write such a server software yourself.

pagekite might have a setting to disable the “Temporarily Unavailable”. Otherwise ask the support.

Another option would be running the webserver on a non-standard, custom port such as 81 or so. Then even if not serving content (just a default html file) it could be abused for revealing if the workstation is reachable or not.

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You are right, thanks! Good idea with the non-standard ports but here is what happens when i try to port forward port 81:
I have this command:

pagekite.py /var/www/html myname.pagekite.me:81
  • Then it says failed to connect? Any suggestions?

Sorry for taking a lot of your time haha but this i very new to me.

Update: I am not really sure that pagekite can use non-standard ports and I guess that i actually can’t interact with the pagekite url anyway since that it is technically not my ip that is being used which is what i also want so i think i’ll try vpn instead

Thanks for all @Patrick!!! You have helped me a ton!!

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