poor performance with Nvidia

my host runs on an Arch based linux OS.
it’s a laptop with intel/nvidia.
if i run the PC on the intel graphics(optimus manager),everything works fine,but with nvidia the whole desktop and browser are buggy,slow and choppy.
is it a known behavior or something on my part?
i’ve heard there might be issues with XFCE+Nvidia screen tearing,
but one of my VMs is MXlinux and every thing runs smooth there.
is there any thing i can do to improve it?

This is not a general Linux support forum. AFAIK Nvidia opensource drivers have lackluster perf because Nvidia doesn’t want to cooperate with FOSS devs. Your choices are to use the non-free or switch to more Linux friendly hardware or check with your distro devs if there is a new bug that’s causing more problems than normal.


i know that :slight_smile:
i 'm using the non free drivers and my Linux host works fine,
and so does an XFCE MXlinux VM.
and since i saw some poor performance on the Whonix one,i thought i’d ask about it.
i guess I’ll live with it; it’s not that horrible after getting used to it/accepting it.
or just change to intel before running the Whonix machines.