Please help me with corridor setup

Which net-vm do I need for the sys-corridor qube? It is not described in the Wiki. Probably sys-whonix, but I’d rather be sure.
What about the “provides network” option?

Corridor works as a filter, so it should be put between gateway and workstation. sys-whonix <- sys-corridor <- whonix workstation
You need to enable provides network option so whonix workstation can use it as netvm.

#Create a new qube
Name: sys-corridor
Type: standalone
Template: Debian (or Debian Minimal)
Networking: sys-whonix
Advanced: CHECK ‘provides network’

Are these the right settings?

And whonix-ws-15 netvm is then sys-corrdior?
The created path is whonix-ws-15 (Whonix Workstation) -> sys corridor -> sys-whonix (Whonix Gateway) -> sys firewall -> sys-net

Please confirm the correctness.

Could you please update documentation if you have a chance?


anon-whonix -> sys-whonix -> sys-corridor -> sys-firewall -> sys-net


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