please help me.. i fucked up

i fucked up my virtualbox workstation config so bad i removed it without removing hard disk files but now i want restore without reinstalling help me please

update: i fixed it by reimporting the ova but now i missed with network settings it was set to NAT in workstation but i changed it to internal whonix, is that ok or are there more steps i need to do?


How’s it related?

VirtualBox VMs Folder versus VirtualBox Settings Folde

  • VirtualBox VMs folder: ~/VirtualBox VMs
  • VirtualBox settings folder: ~/.VirtualBox

On Linux, most things are a file or folder. So get a strong grip on files and folders and in many cases re-installation isn’t required.

If these two folders are deleted, should be as good as a VirtualBox re-installation in this specific case since it’s only about Linux user account home folder folders and files.