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Physical isolation question on tor browser config...

I hope somebody can help me.
I once stumbled on the OnionPI script for the RPI… what it does is,i t creates a torified wifi acces point…

So from time to time i started adjusting the script to make it into a Tor-Physical-Isolation script.

Which can be found on github

Now, the problem is, the script works fine… but whenever i am on my workspace i cant seem to load tor…
i can network perfectly fine over firefox, chrome, etc, etc. i just cant use tor browser (it doesnt even succeed connecting.

the script works fine on PC(A - gateway), no problems there, but on PC(B - workspace), the tor browsr doesnt load.

So can anybody help me out on how to configure tor browser on the workspace side? does whonix has a specific modification for this to be able to do or what is it what holds me back?

Thanks for any help and sorry if i am posting in the wrong section.
friendly greetingz anthony.