Physical Isolation on the Beaglebone Black

I hear a great deal of bravado and “it’s easy” talk regarding getting physical isolation and a bare-metal setup working with the Beaglebone Black for a terminal-only Whonix Gateway build on other fora, though not seeing much breakthrough chatter here.

I am struggling mightily here. Has anyone had any real success with this?

Please help!

Is whonix gateway working on a beaglebone? The wiki says it will not run on a raspberry pi, but will it work on a beaglebone? The two use different processors and the beaglebone website says it can run debian without having to use raspbian like the raspberry pi.

It’s been a while since I tried, but I was UNABLE to get a bare metal setup for Whonix Gateway running on both the BBB and R Pi.

Anyone with some walkthrough advice should post!

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sorry to say, but is unsupported at the moment, especially because some parts of Whonix only work on x86 instruction-sets.

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Unsupported. ( Frequently Asked Questions - Whonix ™ FAQ )

Might be possible, but zero time to document / support.

Not a 100% match, but some helpful info may be here:

Most if not all of the x86 specificness boils down to the cross platform builds and base image creation. Problems you don’t have with Whonix physical isolation instructions. No cross platform build or base image creation is requried there, because Whonix physical isolation instructions leave that to the Debian installer.