Patrick the gov gatekeeper. Don't trust this guy, he could be an agent of the gov!


Disgustingly he deleted my a/c and ALL my posts from the forum thereby rewriting history. I dared to challenge his blocking of my post which had a small reference to the fact that [redacted]. Now why would he stop you from seeing this info unless he is a stooge for the gov? [redacted] So do not trust him implicitly.

I have certainly lost all respect for him as he has proved himself to be a spineless coward who is suppressing the truth!

No doubt he will delete this post too being the good little slave of the New World Order that he is! I say FUCK YOU PATRICK and all gatekeepe
rs like you, you hater of the truth!




Will reply to this and unlock later (ETA: 1-2 days).


Let me explain my position.

You grant yourself the privilege to be anonymous while posting your controversial opinion.

You demand from me to leave your controversial opinion in this forum while the one responsible for whonix.org is not anonymous. You probably have no idea, that this could likely lead the one responsible for whonix.org being liable. Therefore, your demand must be refused.

I was considering to show you a mirror. Telling you, if you step up to effectively take full legal responsibility with your full name or organization for whonix.org, then we can have an off-topic forum where political discussion is allowed up to the extend permissible by you.

Of course this is no serious offer, because such cooperation with someone who is as judgmental and short tempered like you is a bad idea.

I am not sure you met the “incitement of popular hatred” definition by criminal law. It’s quite possible.

What I want:

  • people are responsible for what they write
  • I am responsible for what I write
  • protect anyone’s right to legally create their own website / forum
  • if a thread is too long or unstructured, I don’t want to read it - time is limited - and whoever wants to discuss there, so be it
  • if any laws are broken, the courts shall figure that out, summon to the service provider delete it, no punishment for the service provider

My political position:

  • completely unrestricted free speech
  • because in this case unfortunately, your world view gets enforced, not challenged
  • because a sensible restrictions (such as no request for violence) open the door for more seemingly sensible restrictions (libel laws, where I can see the point, but where courts have to figure out the absolute truth and with the current workload and quality of the courts, oh well) up to outrageous upcoming restrictions such as Heiko Maas’s planned so called anti hate speech laws (where social media such as facebook as to react quickly otherwise they pay millions in fines which will result in a private company to rather delete than risking, i.e. a effective reduction in controversial opinions and further transition into an Orwellian dictatorship)

The reality:

  • Not complying with current laws (which quite likely (even writing “quite likely” shows how messed up this is)) could lead the the one responsible for whonix.org being liable to horrendous pleasantries, financial or worse.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to run a technical project as well as at the same time a free speech project. So yes, these political opinions which could be “incitement of popular hatred” or otherwise criminal will not be tolerated.

I am not so much answering you, but anyone interested.



I just have a few things to add

I did not see all your other posts but from looking at your most recent post here he had good reason to.

He is doing us a favor, he know none of use wants to read garbage

Patrick has earned that trust over many years of hard work and dedication. How about you?

I’m sure he is losing sleep over it

Spineless??? He is standing up to you isn’t he? He is suppressing a clueless …

How insightful.

[quote=“Fong5, post:1, topic:3973”]
I say FUCK YOU PATRICK and all gatekeepers like you, you hater of the truth![/quote]

I am blow away and inspired by your vocabulary and eloquent use of the English language. Teach me Master!

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Why would I sting you said the scorpion, we would both drown…


dang Patrick im sorry you have to deal with these kind of people I’ve known you since 2012 and I can say you are one of the nicest and one of the most caring about your project and the people that use it and hard working person I’ve met in a while.