Passwords management

There is many passwords to remmember any good way to keep these without KeepassX? i found keepassx not practical for me. At the moment i’m storing whonix passwords in txt file on my host desktop. It’s this really bad? If someone take photo of my computer screen with passwords file open, does my whonix is at any risk now ?

Whonix not very much. But the copied passwords are in someone else’s hand obviously.

Not more practical, but more secure:
An offline vault VM.

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I would recommend maybe shifting from passwords to passphrases. Those are most of the time easier to remember and, if you don’t just take something based on pop culture, more safe, as brute forcing them would take forever and a dictionary wouldn’t contain them.

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Thanks for answers!

KeepassX is very easy to use, i don’t see the problem .
However the attack methods to your pc are many but Whonix has extreme security, unless you are stupid noob .
I suggest you to set a secure environment and then use a KeepassX with long passphrase, definately unmount virtual hdd from Whonix Workstation when you don’t more need .

Can you tell more ? When i don’t need whonix virtual hdd ? What can be the case ?

You have a vmdk or other type of disk for Whonix Workstation .
You should create a vhd and attaches it to Workstation .
Mount vhd and take KeepassX data do you need .
Then unmount vhd :slight_smile: .
Clean clipboard for security after copy :slight_smile: .