Packaging libvirt files as debian package + unit test + CI

The errors complain that qemu-kvm cannot be installed on the CI server.
Unrelated. Can you please not merge and instead close all the recent pull requests to libvirt XML? I don't think the changes are worth the extra maintenance.
Yes, very true. Done.

CI fixed:

[quote=“Patrick, post:16, topic:756”]Tested using QEMU inside a VBox VM with Debian Jessie, because I don’t have a host with Debian Jessie at the moment. Therefore I cannot test KVM.

virsh -c qemu:///system start Whonix-Gateway error: Failed to start domain Whonix-Gateway error: unsupported configuration: host doesn't support paravirtual spinlocks

After removing

VM was bootable.

So I guess it should be removed for all QEMU xml files for better compatibly.[/quote]

But pvspinlock is supported on the newer libvirt in Jessie. Debian stable is almost Jessie. I will remove it of course if the problem still persists on Jessie. Are you saying that its not compatible with the qemu xmls only? To be clear here when I say qemu I am talking about the pure emulator mode and not kvm.

converting xml to qemu arguments works with me.[/quote]

Why you beletin me wiggy edits, holms? I had this same problem on Wheezy but when I edit the wiki with a link to this page the changes were not accepted. What are we supposed to do, go back to VirtualBox or upgrade to Jessie? I don’t know what “converting xml to qemu arguments” means. Does Whonix not support Wheezy anymore?

I don’t know about rolling back any edits but I can tell you that my support policy applies to the current Debian stable only. Please upgrade to Jessie. There are many important changes (like better RNG support) that were not supported by wheezy’s libvirt version.

Any idea why the CI is failing? See build log:

I removed a problematic setting from my testing but it may not be related to why CI still shows a failure. Based on what a forum user experienced and what I saw it should work for everybody now and we should ignore build failure warnings as bugs in the CI as before.