Package Inclusion Rules

  1. Should whonix only ship software that fulfills a major use role?

  2. Should the software be included by default if it needs a safer configuration default than the one it ships with?

  3. Is there a threshold for package size that should not be passed for which 1 and 2 would become irrelevant?

-Not everyone who uses whonix will read the documentation to know about the recommended packages for their needs and how to set them up should it not be included. Will offline documentation change this?

-Whonix is aimed at many segments for both desktop and servers, should we only be concerned about those who are less experienced for decisions on default software choice?

Related. The existing… ‘Criteria for installing applications by default in Whonix’:

That’s my previous thoughts on that. But that hasn’t been discussed before and is not supposed as a final version or so. Not written in stone.

I don’t think neither online nor offline documentation will make a big difference, because only a fraction of people bothers reading it. Ideally software is self documenting (like many of these fancy mobile phone apps nowadays), first run tool tips as you go, but Linux generally is far from it.

There is an optimization issue. Contradictory targets. Small image size vs usability vs code size vs fewer bugs vs fewer design/user questions.

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