Now that the core functionality of Whonix is almost complete, let’s explore new ideas which could have strategic value.

According to https://github.com/redecentralize/alternative-internet

The project with most commits is ownCloud which is followed by 2. Freenet and 3. Tor

My idea is Whonix could actively collaborate or support the ownCloud project. At least a dedicated wiki page could work as a start.

If setting up ownCloud on Whonix gets simplified and actively supported, it could bring more valuable user base.

  • Anyone can set up ownCloud and share a file with friends or other people without trusting any third party.

  • Anyone can easily set up their own cloud, without any initial upload, without trusting any third party, and they could access their content from other computers or platforms (Android etc.)

  • It is very actively maintained and there are many different use cases and new ones are on the way.

  • It is probably the best example use case of Whonix for any average internet user.

  • This idea is not restricted to ownCloud, perhaps single use cases like file sharing could be simplified and made easy.

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I have to admit that I had a look at owncloud, too (before you posted here :wink: and the idea itself looks VERY attractive… still there remains one very important question unanswered: who tested it on privacy, what are the results? I consider myself a free spirit, ready to try everything, only when it’s about privacy and security, I become a real paranoid^^

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