Own OS like Whonix


How to create own OS like Whonix?
What tools can be used?

It’s a bit like asking “how to become an engineer”. There cannot possibly be an exhaustive answer. It’s impossible to have a three click building set. Some pointers…

When creatively reinterpreting this question it is primarily about mental tools.

  • Good English reading and writing skills.
  • patience, calmness, frustration tolerance
  • curiosity
  • hundredths [if you are more efficient than me] or rather thousands of hours of computer time for reading, researching, asking, discussing
  • How to Ask Smart Questions
  • How to Report Bugs Effectively
  • XyProblem * and probably much more

    More specifically in software tools terms…

    • a base operating system (Debian…)
    • a virtualizer
    • an anonymizer (Tor…)
    • a firewall (iptables…)
    • putting it all together

    Modifications to Whonix are simpler than reinventing it and that reinvention of Whonix gets simpler by reading Whonix documentation and source code but this is of course optional.

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    There’s some excellent general advice in this post. It deserves its own wiki page IMO.

    Hm. Ok. If it can inspire someone. Why not. What would be a good wiki
    location / page title?

    Maybe “Good Advice for Users and Devs”?

    Create a miscellaneous category on the wiki. Maybe I can add some behavioral opsec advice advice to it some time?

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    If I may add a thing or two to what already has been said:

    First of all, looking at the developement history behind Whonix may be a good idea to understand certain aspects of its creation: History - Whonix

    Looking at the initial documentation for TorBox/Whonix may also be benificial: TorBOX · Wiki · Legacy / Trac · GitLab

    Another important thing you’ll have to consider is what virtualizer you are going to employ. Personally, I feel like VBox may be a good start here, as creating custom appliances with the correct setup is quite easily done by clicking a button to export the current system. Also, setting up the networking between GW and WS seems to be the easiest with VBox in my opinion.

    Furthermore, may I recommend attempting to fork Whonix before trying to build somethig similar from the ground up. Or maybe the feature you’d like to see included is something which could benefit a lot of people and thus could be integrated in Whonix directly. The I2P-Gateway is a good example of an idea being implemented for that very reason.

    Regarding naming a Wiki-Page for this, how about simply “Building Whonix from the ground up”?

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    I am very pleased that we have come to a common conclusion.
    So need to use Remastersys.

    Thank you Friends!

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    Remastersys is not really what you are looking for here. It has first of all been designed for systems you run directly on a host and second has been discontinued. Like mentioned, for the functionality of simply bundling multiple programs/configurations I’d recommend simply exporting an appliance with VBox.

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    I want create a little Whonix Installer.

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    More power to you then. Though, if you plan on bundling a “normal” OS with Whonix, the question isn’t so much how to create an OS like Whonix, but rather a distribution with Whonix. For that, Remastersys or something similar might be quite a good place to start, although it has been discontinued. However, please keep in mind that such a bundle could have massive problems in terms of compatibility, etc when it comes to the virtualizer.

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    Btw we have the above links here also already:
    Free Support for Whonix ™

    Behavioral opsec advice advice sounds like regular documentation.

    That title sounds a bit scary. :slight_smile: If I wrote it, it would be terribly incomplete and therefore not match the expectations set by that title. I wouldn’t mind if someone else would maintain such an article but I doubt it since that is a lot work.