Outdated? Encrypted Email with Thunderbird and Enigmail

Check the Whonix Wiki at Encrypted_Email_with_Thunderbird_and_Enigmail

I tried to set it up with the example of danwin1210 site which was detailed on that wiki page. If you know of an email client which I can pay which supplies a v3 .onion transport let me know. Private email that is.

Does anybody know if Thunderbird is recommended? I can learn a command line email client(probably) if that’s more recommended than Thunderbird. I just want to make email work on Whonix, on Qubes on whatever standards compliant email client there is.

Thanks in advance!

Thunderbird is still official recommended by us since it is the only client with privacy enhancements available.Enigmail support is being phased out anyway as GPG support will be baked in v78.

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