Other Languages Support

there is problem between showing the arabic language and meaningless symbols. examples:-

1-the first problem:- from the main page in english language u cant view to the topic which is in arabic language directly , c the image:-

and if u press on the topic (which is not arabic language) sure the symbols going to show up c:-

2- the second problem:- if i want to share the topic link, it wont work it will give the same result as this image http://i.imgur.com/jBkrfaF.png

for example:- Whonix Forum

the only way to view the topics is:- pressing arabic on the top of the main page and then view the arabic topics or giving the link of the general arabic language which is this one:- Whonix Forum

but giving the exact topic link or viewing the link from outside it wont be readable.

hope u fix that as u soon as u can. thnx :slight_smile:

Good day,

as someone who fundamental believes that a project like this, should be accessible to as many people as possible, I can absolutely see why this could bring some problems with it. Thus, I’ve experimented a bit and found a somewhat “contemporary” solution for problem number two. By adding


at the end of a link you would like to share, the page seems to build in the correct manner. You may see it for example by using the following link: [url=https://www.whonix.org/forum/index.php/topic,1344.0.html?language=arabic]Whonix Forum and comparing it to the output you get when surfing to the page without the “language tag at the end of the link”, like here: [url=https://www.whonix.org/forum/index.php/topic,1344.0.html]Whonix Forum. As someone however, who doesn’t speak the Arabic language, I can’t really tell, whether the output is correct or not, however, it seems to show the page in a proper manner.

Hope this is helping in some way,


i think this is called temporarily solution plus u didnt solve number 1 problem. tho appreciate ur suggestion but also i cant tell everyone to do this in order to share the arabic section. thnx

Good day,

yes, you’re correct, it’s “temporary” not “contemporary” (I know Latin yet I forgot what the most basic prefix means). Furthermore, regarding your first problem, I’m currently only able to speculate. I assumed that maybe when selecting “Arabic” in the bar on the top of the page, some kind of “hidden script” might be activated, which would be necessary, to load the “Arabic alphabet”, though no such script seems to exist when looking at the source code of the website. Just to be safe, I tried whether using NoScript would have any impact on the output, however, when adding “?language=arabic” to the end of the URL, the output seems correct, regardless of whether I have activated JavaScript or not. All of this strikes me as especially obscure, since, when looking at the homepage, the text under “Other Languages Support” on the right site seems to be incorrect, however, what is written on the left seems to be intact.

Maybe (or rather certainly) there is someone else one here, who knows a way to solve this,


good day to u 2 :slight_smile:

yeah i hope i can c someone who can help. very thankful for ur time. gracious

The problem in the coding HTML

look here

UTF-8 - Character encoding for Unicode

AND Edit

Maybe succeed :wink:

fortasse or Ego or anyone which he can make a comment on the suggested solution ? working or not?

We cannot apply this solution, because we have no manpower to hack smfforum.

this topic is closed , since whonix team decided to change the forum software to discourse. and “other language support” now solved.check:-

for whonix forum software changing press here

if u r facing bug/issue/problem with discourse please mention it here

or open new topic/thread. thnx