OpenBazaar in Whonix?

Did anyone try it already? Post your feedback here please.

Hi Dani,

so far I’ve tried to install OpenBazaar in Whonix-Workstation, which failed.
Afterwards I’ve used a torified Debian-Workstation, was able to install it, even to run OpenBazaar,
Iceweasel opened, but nothing happened then, I guess it’s due to UDP, but I’m not quite sure.

I’d love to use OpenBazaar in Whonix.


I am working on this as well. Maybe email me and we can compare notes?

OpenBazaar uses DHT to find peers. They are using it with Tor by hosting seed nodes as Hidden Servcies and using Onioncat to connect with peers inside the Tor network. Onioncat supports UDP and other protocols too (within the Tor network).

Check out my write up on using Onioncat in Whonix to set it up with OpenBazaar.

Correction OpenBazaar has both TCP and UDP support. For more info see the newly added OpenBazaar section