Open ports on workstation help


I have a hidden service which stopped working once I installed the Whonix Workstation, I am going to assume this is because I need to open port 80 between the workstation and the gateway.

Also I have two workstations that communicate with one another as part of my hidden service will I need to open another port so both still work?

How do I do this using KVM

Any Whonix virtualizer. Follow the following instructions and you’ll be all covered.

Hi Patrick.

Sorry I did not word my question correctly, my hidden service was working fine until I installed the extra Workstation firewall using “WORKSTATION_FIREWALL=1” inside /etc/whonix_firewall.d/50_user.conf after restarting both workstation and gateway my hidden service would no longer connect. Once I removed the line “WORKSTATION_FIREWALL=1” and restarted both the hidden service came up again.

So I believe I need to open port 80 between the workstation and gateway what would be the way to do this? I also have two workstations and one app connects to the second workstation, will I also need to open the port for this app between both workstations for that to continue to function?

whonix-ws-firewall Whonix 13 version has no port open config feature.
You have to manually edit that file.

See here:

The problematic thing about editing that file directly is that it will
be lost. On Whonix 13 stable upgrades (unlikely whonix-ws-firewall gets
a stable upgrade) and when Whonix 14 is released.

Whonix 14 will have port open config feature (already implemented but
too much work to backport to Whonix 13).

Ohh, sounds like I will just wait around for 14 then :slight_smile: Which btw sounds better and better with every piece of knowledge released about it.