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onionshare 2.6 from source

I somehow managed to install onionshare 2.6 from source into kicksecure morphed debian 11 computer. ( I know this is whonix, thats my test cpu.) What you get is instructions and scripts.

Be security minded with downloads. What you will need is python3,
python3-pip. Next is poetry-python and add to PATH. Next is tor-browser, but the script needs to updated to the latest version. Then config or setup.

Will this install in whonix? I have no idea. Not versed enough in linux to say it will. Success in one thing does not translate into another.

Just saying thanks to the devs for this app. Learning something new. :grinning:

Update: systemcheck said to remove python3-pip. OOPs
Also GO(lang) is needed too.

Welcome to Whonix forums and thank you for your question!

Did you see

yet? It contains full instructions on how to setup OnionShare in Whonix.

Installation of OnionShare from source code is unsupported by Whonix.

Why? It was time consuming to get OnionShare support in Whonix as currently documented. Therefore installation from source code hasn’t been considered.