Onionshare 2.2 instead of 2.3


I followed the docs to install onionshare : /wiki/OnionShare

Pictures shows version 2.3 which allow chat but, I only have the version 2.2 :frowning:

May you pleas tell me how to have the version 2.3?

Thanks a lot and merry Xmas to all of you!

OnionShare - Whonix chapter Newer OnionShare Versions in Whonix wiki

Hi Patrick.

Thanks for your answer I did read this page. Thinks was more for 2.4 version and higher.

I understood flatpak may lead to vulnerability (difficult to achieve, have to check real version of the application to update)

And if I install from flatpak, it will lead to tor over tor (i think not so problematic if use bridges)

So the doc of official installation of onionshare have to be corrected to 2.2 version