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If I understood this correctly, we are only going to add .onion v3 to the Onion Services Guides? I’m having trouble right now connecting to my own IRC game hub through onion v3 so I’m starting to generate some v2 onion addresses so I can connect to my own server.

I want to know if you have any rules that forbid v2 onions so I don’t waste any time speculating about it. Thanks!

Edit: This was edited to save an important link which is about a torproject trac meta ticket for the deprecation of the v2 .onion technology.


Hi Tor_Gaming

AFAIK there are no wiki rules that strictly forbid v2 onions. v3 onions are preferred since they provide increased security benefits over v2. I would check with the Onion Service Guides maintainer @HulaHoop just to be sure.


No, we don’t have any such rule nor I think we should make such a rule. However, v2 vs v3 should be at least mentioned with a warning box. If differences/risks are documented we can document a lot a lot.

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@Patrick thanks for your reply …

… and I solved also my personal problem with my IRC server. v3 or v2 had nothing to do with it, I generated a new .onion for my IRC gamehub. Looks like my old transports somehow “expired”. I’m not gonna look into this further, I think this is a feature rather than a bug actually.

Not forbid but it will lead to deprecation wiithin a year and a half when it becomes obsolete. It will be a shame to invest a lot of effort in something that will not last.


Then I have an idea. I can move the existing guide that was for teg to a subreddit I know of and we can link to it from the wiki but with a warning sign saying that thing about deprecation and we can add other relevant warnings as well. Does that sound ok?

Links are ok as long as not to “sketchy” subreddits.

It’s this subreddit wiki index which up til now only I have access to:


I could move the guide there(for TEG), so it doesn’t clutter the whonix documentation wiki. TEG doesn’t support the length of v3 .onion addresses(it cuts the address off at one point). Could probably be patched given motivation(not my area, but I’m not saying it’s impossible as a project for me to do/attempt). For now I’ve kinda given up on TEG so I focus mostly on if there are any bots for IRC servers that can be used for multiplayer gaming experiences.

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Looks ok.

Yeah I added a disclaimer(to tell others I’m not affiliated officially with the whonix project) and a copyright notice attempting to make the content compatible with the whonix wiki documentation.

Ok I’m gonna proceed with copying the content from the wiki concerning teg once it fits in my schedule(which I think is relatively ‘soon’)

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Sounds good. Hopefully others can collaborate with you and find a solution for using newer onions.

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Is wiki page https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Onion_Services_Guides for instructions for Whonix or outside of Whonix? That introduction makes it sound as if it’s for Whonix but then when users would follow the links they would be presented with the challenge of applying instructions that assume non-Whonix with no path forward how to apply these guides to Whonix.

6 posts were merged into an existing topic: Locking down your SSH client.

None of them are adjusted to work with Whonix. At the time I thought the Whonix specific onion instructions can be applied to these third party guides.

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Alright. Added appropriate warnings / call for contributions on top of that page.

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