Older versions of Whonix Gateway blocks VPN

Hello. I am using Whonix Gateway 8 since can’t get the last version to work with Vmware Workstation 10 and can’t find any solution on the web. My real issue is that i can’t get le-vpn to work on a windows 7 workstation, but if i use Vbox and with Whonix-Gateway- it works on ports 80 and 443. Any ideas what is going on ? thanks.

Old versions are unsupported. (https://www.whonix.org/wiki/FAQ#What_do_you_mean_by_unsupported.3F)
VMware Whonix also unsupported. (https://www.whonix.org/wiki/VMware)
If I remember correctly, Whonix-Gateway 8 does not have a VPN-Firewall feature. So no easy VPN support.

I know is unsupported, but i need the Vmware for better 3D support . I just got this crazy idea, is an easy way to use Whonix Gateway with Vbox and somehow connect the Vmware Windows 7 Workstation through it under Windows 7 as host ? thanks

update : got it working this workaround solution. issue solved YAY ! xD

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