Now developing for Qubes + Whonix 9


Since working on the Qubes + Whonix 8.2 source code install guide, I’ve decided to drop these efforts for version 8.2 and instead transition my efforts to version 9 of Whonix.


  • Experiencing multiple critical errors in the source code build process with 8.2.

  • Whonix 9 is due to be released very soon anyway, making 8.2 obsolete.

  • Whonix 9 has more updated frozen Debian package snapshots.

  • Whonix 9 build process will have been more recently tested and actively developed to ensure everything is working on current Debian systems.

  • Whonix 9 adds more streamlined build options added inline to the final build command, as well as other simplifications to the build process.

So I will be testing the Whonix 9 binaries and source code, and ensuring that full working install guides, both with binary images and source code, are published to the wiki once Whonix 9 is released.

P.S. I’m also starting to test out Whonix 9 source code with the Qubes Debian Template which is based on Debian 8 (Jessie/Testing). So, hopefully, these efforts will soon open up another install guide option beyond using HVMs, so that tighter integration with Qubes OS can start becoming realized.