Noscript icon changed position from left to right in tor browser

Hey all,

I booted up whonix today and when opening tor i noticed my noscript icon which is usually positioned on the left side of the toolbar next to the tor button has moved to the far right side of the toolbar. This freaked me out a little bit and was wondering if this was a change that was done? Any input is appreciated. Thank you.

Hi acerts

There have been several (recent) reported problems with NoScripts updates. However Iā€™m not sure if your issue has anything to do with them.


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Frequently Asked Questions - Whonix ā„¢ FAQ

I know. I know. Software changes all the time and it can be really harsh at times if you have OCD. Calm down and take a deep breath and it will settle in. Give it time.

0brand, that seems to be it! Patrick, i read over your link and i do apologize. I did not mean to clog up the forums with this type of question. HulaHoop, very true! Unfortunately. Thank you all for your replies and assistance. I appreciate it.