No Network in KVM vms

Hi Guys,

I am kind of noob in terms of linux. I used whonix with Virtual Box earlier on my ubuntu laptop. However, for optimal performances, i tried with KVM this time. I followed the documentation properly and it worked initially. I also added another ubuntu VM, which also worked fine.

But from the next day, none of the VM can access internet. I am not sure why. I run expressvpn in the middle for a little work on the host. I guess it has to something with it. I did everything I can by searching the web but can’t figure out what to do since I don’t understand too much about linux.

Please help me. Also, is KVM is subjectiveky better for performance if I want to run vm especially whonix? Thanks in Advance.

Did you try turning it off? VPNs can block access to devices on your local network which in turn can block internet access to VMs (speaking from experience).