No, it can't be tor

Something is really wrong with Whonix Gateway 16. It’s unbearably, frustratingly how slow internet speed through it is! Like from five thousand bytes to 35kBps at most!
I don’t live in censored area, on the contrary - so it’s not the ISP.
It’s not the tor network/entry-guards congestion
Here’s why they aren’t.

Using WGw15 in virtualbox. Speed - from 0.5-2MBps. Never ever had problems with this and previous version’s speed. Upgraded vm in-place without single issue. Consequence - catastrophic speed. Lost my WGw15 vm.
Imported ova Whonix16 appliance, fresh new install, again catastrophic speed. Shutdown. Import Whonix 15 appliance, routing all the traffic through WGw15, normal speed, 0.5-2MBps. WGw16 vm deleted, using WGw15. Let’s start WGw16 from time to time, let’s start in parallel with WGw15, comparing speeds. No changes. For days, weeks…
It’s not about WS. Many of my vm’s are routed through WG and all of them act the same as WS, regarding connection speed through WGw15/16, no matter they run in parallel or not.

Not enough?
No problem. Let’s install Qubes 4.1 beta 1 after a month. It comes with Whonix15. Popups everywhere it is deprecated. Speed 0.5-2MBps, though.
Ok, let’s backup all whonix based cubes. Let’s upgrade in-place now. “INFO: OK. (release-upgrade version: 1.5) Release upgrade success.” for both GW and WS.

And, you guess, again this time in Qubes OS, speed from 0.005-0.035MBps. Let’s restore WGw15. Oh, geez, how fast it can looks 0.5-2MBps…

Please help, please! Please give some idea that doesn’t include bridges or/and entry guards, because obviously it’s not about that. I don’t want to use anything else than Whonix (exept Kicksecure for clearnet) prefferably in Qubes, i just have no choice.

What about if you set up a sys-whonix-text in Whonix-16 with new guards? My recollection was that not all guards are equal in this regard.

Unlikely to be a Whonix-16 wide issue, or many other users would have mentioned it already, several weeks after release.

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Debugging this could be complex. The steps / information required are the same as already in documentation, please have a look here:

Last resort being Tor Generic Bug Reproduction.

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Hey guys, thanks a lot for your responses. I have to study all of you mentioned without sub-questions ( I don’t want to spinoff the topic), and will be back. Considering my level of Linux competence (from Newbie to mildly regular user), probably it will need several days.
It’s just frustrating: release-upgrading debian-10 qube in-place lasted for 6hours, while just before that I upgraded in-place both WGw and WS in 15 minutes or so in parallel, all via sys-whonix(15, of course)!

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