no internet connection in whonix

So I run a windows vm with whonix gateway. However, there is no internet connection inside my windows vm while my whonix gateway has. I’m currently in a censored area but I run the vpn before the whonix gateway, and i’m able to connect to tor in my host os and whonixcheck says connected to tor. So I don’t think it’s the real reason. Any idea why my windows vm can’t connect to internet while my whonix gateway can?

I am a long-time whonix user and this just started happening to me for no apparent reason. Could it be the latest updates to the gateway?

I’m on KVM in Linux. Workstation says “Tor’s control port could not be reached!”

@mylunchbox Answered in your duplicate thread. Please don’t double-post.

@nowhereman OP’s issue is specific to Virtualbox + Windows. Also, unlikely to be related to updates (but I can’t speak to KVM).
Please check here for some troubleshooting ideas:
Search results for 'control port could not be reached' - Whonix Forum

Also, run whonixcheck in a Terminal on both Gateway & Workstation.

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Fixed in my case:

First I removed the workstation from kvm and did a fresh install of the workstation, and I got the same exact problem.

Then I removed the gateway from kvm and did a fresh install of the gateway; that fixed it.

Now for the first time I’m getting the pvclock error on the gateway. Hopefully updating the packages will fix that.