No gateway connectivity

Gateway error logs:

Tor Circuit: not established Bootstrapping 5% done Tor reports: WARN BOOTSTRAP PROGRESS=5 TAG=conn_dir SUMMARY="connecting to directory server" WARNING="Network is unreachable" REASON=NOROUTE COUNT=3 RECOMENDATION=warn

Huge fan, major noob…

So this looks like a routing issue with my gateway, my host OS which is windows 7 (until I can figure out how to install debian / virtualbox) does have connectivity to the internet. I didn’t change any settings and followed the import documentation to Virtualbox. Are there any guides on how to troubleshoot routing problems. I don’t have any firewall software that I know of that could be blocking the gateway, unless there is something in windows 7 stopping the gateway.

Thanks for any help, it’s appreciated :o

Most likely this issue isn’t caused by Whonix’s images.

One of the best advices for this case could be “try getting some operating system you can install such as Windows in a VM and check if networking is working - and if not - access the much bigger Windows / VirtualBox community”.

Check also out this chapter, it could be, that you are living in a censored area? It recommends learning Tor Browser first: