New whonix version breaks Bitcoin Electrum

Opening included electrum client gives error message:

Cannot load wallet (1):

WalletFileException(‘This version of Electrum is too old to open this wallet.\n(highest supported storage version: 33, version of this file: 41)’)

Now i cant even use bitcoin thanks to this rushed update

If you encounter issues with software like this, then in future:

  1. Check existing wiki documentation for later software install instructions (see below).
  2. Check Debain repos to check if later versions are available from testing/unstable.
  3. As a last resort, consider downloading from the original source, verifying signatures, and running the relevant software.

The version in Debian stable is 4.0.9-1 at the time of writing, which is the same for all Debian versions.

So as a workaround, try manually installing the latest 4.15 version with these instructions:


You can regenerate the wallet with the seed. The seed should be written in the wallet file if you hadn’t saved it.

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