New version of TBB no longer accepts FoxyProxy plugin.

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I testet TBB hardened with foxyproxy and neither of the options seem to work , when i installed it via the Addon-manager it said i should restart TBB to enable it but after a restart it keeps saying this.

But in the Light of Hardened Tor Browser Bundle not as hardened you think. Soon becoming extinct
it’s not worth it to even continue testing…

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What about Tor Browser 7.0a1, normal, non-hardened version? Could you test that please?

It works on 7.0a1 when you disable xpinstall.signatures.required ,i haven’t testet the addon-manager version though


Can you try please? Because perhaps that would be the safer advice than
disabling add-on signature check.

It doesn’t work with the addon-manager version, it wants you to reboot TBB but after a reboot it’s still not enabled and “needs a reboot to enable”


Could you explain our use case and ask on how to enable add-ons from on the tbb-dev list please? @HulaHoop

I never got a reply for my first post but sent an update with testing results.

Meanwhile I think the best solution is to recommend @goldstein’s work around of disabling sig verification to get the old unsigned version on Jessie to work until Stretch is released. I think by Stretch foxyproxy should include the Mozilla sig and this would no longer be needed.

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A reply has been sent by me just now.

Since we had the issue the foxyproxy installed from did not work, we can be pretty sure that Tor Browser does add-on signature checking just like Firefox. (xpinstall.signatures.required)

Our trouble of installing add-ons from is most likely not related to xpinstall.signatures.required. An add-on would either never be listed in Firefox’s add-on manager or labeled as deactivated due to failed signature check.

I speculate, that Tor Browser is doing something to prevent users from the installation of add-ons which we can hopefully disable.

Good let’s see what the TBB devs say, btw has anyone confirmed the Problem on Virtualbox , KVM or TBB without virt. ?
I’ve only tested it on Qubes …

I simplified the instructions considerably. We should keep an eye on 7.0 when it become stable and file a bug report then if it doesn’t work.

Shouldn’t matter as the hypervisor is very low level.

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To reverse this and restore the default Tor Browser fingerprint its best to use a VM snapshot taken before installing the add-on.

Reinstallation of Tor Browser would also do (in case there is no snapshot)?

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I was wondering why the TBB dev got it working ([tbb-dev] Tor Browser and Mozilla addon verification) thats why i asked the Question.

Did anyone test this ?

Edit: Just found GitHub - hrimfaxi/autoproxy-ng: the smart Firefox proxy management add-on which does work on 7.0a1 and could/should replace Foxyproxy as it’s open source

Here is the Site where i found it + instructions how to use it with I2P
@HulaHoop what do you think about it ?

FoxyProxy is GPL’d otherwise I would never recommend it. I don’t immediately see anything special autoproxy does that foxyproxy doesn’t.

Also autoproxy:

  • has not been updated since 2013
  • has an auto subscribe feature for rule lists which I don’t like because I don’t know how securely this is implemented and we don’t need it anyhow.
  • is related to adblock which I distrust for running a racketeering service to force ad companies to pay up in return for whitelisting their stuff.

Latest commit 7df947d on May 24, 2016

this is Optional though

I know that ABP sucks , i dont think that it shares the same policy as ABP (going to check that)

On the good side it works with 7.0a1, i wouldn’t write it off the list, but as long as Foxyproxy works we can stick with it.

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I looked at the addon version available from Mozilla. Realistically we can’t expect users to compile a plugin just to get started.
There’s no need to compile it, this is the version from the Github.
If you search for Autoproxy the -ng version should come up at the second place after the old version.

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Is this file still useful or can it be nuked? @HulaHoop

From 2016. Not documented in the wiki.

Default: nuked for now. Trivial to restore.

Why? Lintian warning:

P: usability-misc source: very-long-line-length-in-source-file 2425 > 512 [usr/share/usability-misc/tbb-foxyproxy/foxyproxy.xml:6]

Can be overwritten but not great if the file is outdated anyhow.

Yeah nuking is the way to go.

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