New version of TBB no longer accepts FoxyProxy plugin.


OK so I guess its now safe to recommend fetching the addon from Mozilla’s servers since they are now all signed. It will be as simple as pointing it to where the custom rules file is installed.

I wonder if TBB makes any attempt to check signatures though… I know for freedom reasons signed extension support is dropped out of the Tor fork. I may have to check that out.


All Firefox extensions - for Desktop and Android - on AMO that have passed review are now signed.


Sure, will do. New build in process btw. There will be a new thread in the development sub forum.

Please move that into a separate thread.

Disabling that by default would be outrageous. I doubt that. Last time when I fixed the FoxyProxy template, I needed to disable it, because extensions installed as a deb package were ignored because of this.


I asked for more info about this.



Btw there is also tbb-dev.





I testet TBB hardened with foxyproxy and neither of the options seem to work , when i installed it via the Addon-manager it said i should restart TBB to enable it but after a restart it keeps saying this.

But in the Light of Hardened Tor Browser Bundle not as hardened you think. Soon becoming extinct
it’s not worth it to even continue testing…


What about Tor Browser 7.0a1, normal, non-hardened version? Could you test that please?


It works on 7.0a1 when you disable xpinstall.signatures.required ,i haven’t testet the addon-manager version though


Can you try please? Because perhaps that would be the safer advice than
disabling add-on signature check.


It doesn’t work with the addon-manager version, it wants you to reboot TBB but after a reboot it’s still not enabled and “needs a reboot to enable”


Could you explain our use case and ask on how to enable add-ons from
addons.mozilla.org on the tbb-dev list please? @HulaHoop


I never got a reply for my first post but sent an update with testing results.

Meanwhile I think the best solution is to recommend @goldstein’s work around of disabling sig verification to get the old unsigned version on Jessie to work until Stretch is released. I think by Stretch foxyproxy should include the Mozilla sig and this would no longer be needed.


A reply has been sent by me just now.


Since we had the issue the foxyproxy installed from packages.debian.org did not work, we can be pretty sure that Tor Browser does add-on signature checking just like Firefox. (xpinstall.signatures.required)

Our trouble of installing add-ons from addons.mozilla.org is most likely not related to xpinstall.signatures.required. An add-on would either never be listed in Firefox’s add-on manager or labeled as deactivated due to failed signature check.

I speculate, that Tor Browser is doing something to prevent users from the installation of add-ons which we can hopefully disable.


Good let’s see what the TBB devs say, btw has anyone confirmed the Problem on Virtualbox , KVM or TBB without virt. ?
I’ve only tested it on Qubes …


I simplified the instructions considerably. We should keep an eye on 7.0 when it become stable and file a bug report then if it doesn’t work.

Shouldn’t matter as the hypervisor is very low level.


To reverse this and restore the default Tor Browser fingerprint its best to use a VM snapshot taken before installing the add-on.

Reinstallation of Tor Browser would also do (in case there is no snapshot)?


I was wondering why the TBB dev got it working (https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tbb-dev/2017-February/000471.html) thats why i asked the Question.

Did anyone test this ?

Edit: Just found https://github.com/hrimfaxi/autoproxy which does work on 7.0a1 and could/should replace Foxyproxy as it’s open source

Here is the Site where i found it + instructions how to use it with I2P https://shebang.ws/autoproxy-i2p-eepsites-tor-onions-firefox.html
@HulaHoop what do you think about it ?


FoxyProxy is GPL’d otherwise I would never recommend it. I don’t immediately see anything special autoproxy does that foxyproxy doesn’t.

Also autoproxy:

  • has not been updated since 2013
  • has an auto subscribe feature for rule lists which I don’t like because I don’t know how securely this is implemented and we don’t need it anyhow.
  • is related to adblock which I distrust for running a racketeering service to force ad companies to pay up in return for whitelisting their stuff.


Latest commit 7df947d on May 24, 2016

this is Optional though

I know that ABP sucks , i dont think that it shares the same policy as ABP (going to check that)

On the good side it works with 7.0a1, i wouldn’t write it off the list, but as long as Foxyproxy works we can stick with it.