New version of TBB no longer accepts FoxyProxy plugin.

The reason why I wanted to use a proxy is because some sites ban Tor IP at all cost. FoxyProxy was an easy approach that did just that but TBB is not accepting it now.

I’m not willing to use Ice Weasel or Firefox ESR + FoxyProxy because it was clearly documented in the wiki that they’re meant to be used in downloading TBB only.

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May I recommend then, to try using Proxychains or some other alternative, as explained here: Combining Tunnels with Tor It sadly isn’t as simple though. In the meantime, I may look what setting in “about:config” they changed. If I can pinpoint it, it should be possible to reactivate the ability of using external plugins. Except obviously, if they compile FF without the necessary features now, which has happend before.

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Has anyone tried reproducing this with TBB 6.0.1 ?
I tried it today and Foxyproxy installs fine on TBB 6.0.1 (tested it on multiple VMs)
Maybe they changed it from 6.0 to 6.0.1 again ?
I think the about:config setting was :

Could anyone confirm this ?

foxyproxy confirmed working for me here on 6.01

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Instructions did not work anymore with Tor Browser 6.0.8 (based on Mozilla Firefox 45.6.0). Foxyproxy did not enable itself because Firefox now requires signed add-ons.

Add-on signing in Firefox | Firefox Help

Updated these instructions to disable add-on verification. And a few other smaller changes.

Error - Whonix no longer works for me with Tor Browser 7.0a1-hardened (based on Mozilla Firefox 45.7.0). Can you check please? @HulaHoop

What about installing foxyproxy using Tor Browser add-on manager rather than from Debian repository?

This also needs testing in combination with GitHub - Kicksecure/apparmor-profile-torbrowser: AppArmor profile for The Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) - - for better security (hardening).. Recent fix. Can you install apparmor-profile-torbrowser from source please? (Or manually active the updated profile.)

I will test this today if HulaHoop hasn’t checked it by then and report back


@goldstein Please do. I don’t have a 64bit build ready yet to check it out.

@Patrick Let me know when you’ve branched out a test release with GUI fixes so I can start looking at relevant tracker tasks.

Also what is your impression about hardened TBB usability (responsiveness/resource use)? Do you use it daily?

OK so I guess its now safe to recommend fetching the addon from Mozilla’s servers since they are now all signed. It will be as simple as pointing it to where the custom rules file is installed.

I wonder if TBB makes any attempt to check signatures though… I know for freedom reasons signed extension support is dropped out of the Tor fork. I may have to check that out.

All Firefox extensions - for Desktop and Android - on AMO that have passed review are now signed.

Sure, will do. New build in process btw. There will be a new thread in the development sub forum.

Please move that into a separate thread.

Disabling that by default would be outrageous. I doubt that. Last time when I fixed the FoxyProxy template, I needed to disable it, because extensions installed as a deb package were ignored because of this.

I asked for more info about this.

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Btw there is also tbb-dev.

The tbb-dev Archives

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I testet TBB hardened with foxyproxy and neither of the options seem to work , when i installed it via the Addon-manager it said i should restart TBB to enable it but after a restart it keeps saying this.

But in the Light of Hardened Tor Browser Bundle not as hardened you think. Soon becoming extinct
it’s not worth it to even continue testing…

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What about Tor Browser 7.0a1, normal, non-hardened version? Could you test that please?

It works on 7.0a1 when you disable xpinstall.signatures.required ,i haven’t testet the addon-manager version though


Can you try please? Because perhaps that would be the safer advice than
disabling add-on signature check.

It doesn’t work with the addon-manager version, it wants you to reboot TBB but after a reboot it’s still not enabled and “needs a reboot to enable”


Could you explain our use case and ask on how to enable add-ons from on the tbb-dev list please? @HulaHoop

I never got a reply for my first post but sent an update with testing results.

Meanwhile I think the best solution is to recommend @goldstein’s work around of disabling sig verification to get the old unsigned version on Jessie to work until Stretch is released. I think by Stretch foxyproxy should include the Mozilla sig and this would no longer be needed.

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