New update causing problems trying to upgrade Whonix in HiddenVM.

Hello, since the last update of Whonix and Tails I was no longer being able to run my Whonix machine inside HiddenVM, tried to reinstall it and it keeps bringing errors.

  • When I try to reinstall the ova image Hidden VM shows the following error.
    Failed to import appliance /home/clearnet/HiddenVM/Whonix- XFCE-
    Result Code: NS_ERROR_INVALID_ARG (0x80070057)

  • I had about 30gb of free space inside Whonix before this, so I guess it is not a disk space error.

  • I reinstalled both Tails and Whonix several times, nothing changed.

May I get some assistance trying to troubleshoot this please?

EDIT: I had a different error when trying to start my Workstation and Gateway machines previous of the deletion of those. Unfotunately I could not make a log of them.
It might also be important to specify that while data conservation would be preferred, it is not essential in this case.

You have to go one layer deeper.

You first move the HiddenVM zip to your Hidden Volume’s top level, then you unzip the HiddenVM zip file to the top level. You then run the HiddenVM install file from the top level. It creates a HiddenVM folder, inside that folder is VirtualBox VMs, this third layer level folder is where you need to place the whonix.ova file for HiddenVM to recognize and import it.

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