New update causing problems trying to upgrade Whonix in HiddenVM.

Hello, since the last update of Whonix and Tails I was no longer being able to run my Whonix machine inside HiddenVM, tried to reinstall it and it keeps bringing errors.

  • When I try to reinstall the ova image Hidden VM shows the following error.
    Failed to import appliance /home/clearnet/HiddenVM/Whonix- XFCE-
    Result Code: NS_ERROR_INVALID_ARG (0x80070057)

  • I had about 30gb of free space inside Whonix before this, so I guess it is not a disk space error.

  • I reinstalled both Tails and Whonix several times, nothing changed.

May I get some assistance trying to troubleshoot this please?

EDIT: I had a different error when trying to start my Workstation and Gateway machines previous of the deletion of those. Unfotunately I could not make a log of them.
It might also be important to specify that while data conservation would be preferred, it is not essential in this case.

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