New sysadmin saying hello

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself (mig5) - I’ve recently taken on the role of sysadmin of the Whonix infrastructure, after Patrick sought me out!

Some of you (waves to @iry) may recognise my handle from OnionShare which I work on with Micah Lee. I’ve also contributed some (very) small bits and pieces to QubesOS over the years. In other words I’m well aligned with the principles of Whonix and other such projects.

I’d like to take the opportunity to pay my respects to @fortasse who has done a superb (and enormous) job looking after the infrastructure. It’s very pleasant to get to grips with a server that has been maintained and configured well.

Looking forward to working with the community and the infrastructure (already some big upgrades/fixes/improvements achieved in a short space of time, and lots to do yet).

P.S I know it’s maybe weird to see a new sysadmin appear out of the blue especially on a security-related project. I think @Patrick may confirm this soon.

Now, back to looking at Content-Security-Policy headers :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your introduction!

Everything confirmed.

Welcome @mig5!


Hey @mig5 (waves back)!

It’s an exciting news to see you joining the Whonix community! Welcome!

Thank you for offering the help to be the sysadmin for Whonix! I’m under the impression that you’ve been really proactive so I’m sure your join will make our Whonix community even more energetic. :wink:


Welcome to your home!

Hope you enjoy working with us :blush:.


Hi @mig5 and welcome to the team :slight_smile: Its great to have more helping hands join our project and I look forward to your contributions.


Thats amazing news - welcome mig5! You already made some nice changes on the main page, thank you.

And thanks to Patrick for being so proactive on this.

Please add yourself to the team wiki page, with as much or little detail as you’d prefer. Maybe an announcement in the news forums?



HI mig5

Glad to have you on board and just in time for the Whonix 14 default to .onion repos. I have to say based on all you’ve accomplished in the short amount of time you’ve been with us. Where in the hands of a very talented and accomplished sysadmin.

Welcome to the team !


thanks @0brand, and thanks for maybe ignoring at least one screw-up I’ve made already :smiley: (Outbound mail issue on Forums (resolved))

Having lots of fun and lots to do.


May I introduce you to a host of open phabicator items relating to the website too? :-))

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@torjunkie sure you can! If it’s within my ability to solve any issues relating to the infrastructure, I will :slight_smile:

I already searched by ‘website’ tag on Phabricator but didn’t find too much.

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Please be aware that @mig5 works with Whonix under contract and not as a volunteer. Maintaining Whonix infrastructure costs money in terms of manhours. For these reasons, please don’t tag @mig5 in website issues reports when, so that I can triage/prioritise issues before escalating them to @mig5.


Sorry, wasn’t aware.

please don’t tag mig5

Or tag me and I can search for bug reports…fixes etc… on the issue.


No way being aware of it beforehand since I missed to properly communicate this.

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