New Qubes + Whonix Templates (2.1.8)

ITL (Qubes developers) just updated the Whonix binary templates to version 2.1.8.

Announcement on qubes-users:

Hi all,

I’ve uploaded new template packages for Whonix on Qubes to
templates-community repo. Those packages include many improvements done
by nrgaway over past few months, as well updated qubes packages. Also
the package layout was improved so further updates will be much easier.

New packages are:

To install new packages, you need to remove old one first. This means
you need to temporary switch your Whonix AppVMs to some other template
(no need to start them in such configuration).

Best Regards,
Marek Marczykowski-Górecki
Invisible Things Lab

New versioning:

Whonix-Gateway: whonix-gateway-experimental (2.1.8-201503091739)
RPM SHA256 Hash: 2287c717bc07fba6f77855992726a423ee23a1bcfdda08ccd0bd0da5c267c580

Whonix-Workstation: whonix-workstation-gnome (2.1.8-201503092029)
RPM SHA256 Hash: fd2cbee41cc29a196950d243b36c0f90f3968e7a8e3dc7fec4bd543e7adac06f

Along with the new Whonix RPM templates, we introduce a new DEB package (qubes-whonix) in the Whonix APT (apt-get) repository that holds much of the Qubes-specific Whonix configuration and will allow us to make direct updates to Qubes + Whonix without always needing to build new templates. The qubes-whonix package is starting at version 9.6.2-1.

For installation, see the official install guide here:


Big thanks to Jason aka nrgaway for his awesome programming work on these templates! :smiley:

@nrgaway, could you post a changelog? Thanks!

So looks like even the Qubes developers are taking interest in our Whonix,and it shows they care that its still functional in their Qubes

Yup! Joanna (Qubes founder) has been increasingly interested in Tor, has enjoyed the work of our project, and now we have upstream integration in the Qubes codebase and community templates repository. Potentially further integration into the Qubes official installer has been mentioned for the future as well. And Whonix is the best game in town for a Tor-based VM system, so it is well deserving. We’ve got more improvements to come! :smiley: